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Founded in the first post-war by Mr. Laguzzi, the company very soon distinguished herself by a great flexibility and a total Made in Italy production.

The Olivi family, leading the company since 1985, is dedicated with great passion to the production of security locks and locking systems for several industrial sectors, including the manufacture of wooden and metal furniture, the heavy carpentry, the automation and the vending machines.

The continuing investment in machines and equipment allows for many applications in different market branches, in order to satisfy with great flexibility and speed of delivery the high market demand.

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A wide catalogue, with over 1300 items, offers different kinds of locks, including those for furniture (wooden and metal furniture locks), displays, showcases, gas boxes, vintage cars and motorcycle, water and gas valves, post boxes and post office boxes, motorcycles top boxes, ski racks for cars, street furniture or heavy carpentry artifacts.

The great variety of products allows for many applications in different market branches. For example, furniture market has several locking requirements:
our range of products is designed to meet the needs of furniture manufacturers from those seeking locks for sliding and swing shutters, for multiple drawers and chests, for office-file cabinets or plan cabinets to whom needing locks for drop-leaf shutters or rolling shutters.

Main Products

  • brass Cam locks with pins and die-cast metal tumbler lock
  • furniture and chest locks with 1 or 2 latches, horizontal or vertical fixing
  • quickly fixing locks with release spring or washers
  • T- handle locks
  • espagnolet locks and rotating rod locks for wooden and metal furniture
  • shutters and drawers locks with passing shot, bent or reduced latches
  • new high-security locks systems to replace the older versions with knob and pushing systems
  • latch for small doors, square drive quarter turn cam lock, triangular drive (tri-drive) quarter turn cam lock, screwdriver slot quarter turn cam lock, double bit drive quarter turn cam lock
  • padlockable quarter turn cam latches for lockers
  • aluminium locks with cross key cylinder
  • gravity locks
  • locks with protected key duplication
  • bolt interlock
  • switch locks