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April 2017


50's The "Laguzzi Lorenzo", established in Turin by Mr. Laguzzi, produces safety locks under the name “Michel”.


The activity passes on to the growing leadership of Mr. Mario Olivi. Thus, the company "LAGUZZI di Olivi Mario" is established and starts broadening the range of goods under the new brand "O.M.R.".


The company is handed over to his son, Mr. Roberto Olivi, and acquires the name of "O.M.R. Olivi Roberto & C. Snc".


New headquarters and manufacturing base. The plant is transferred from the base of Via Grivola to the industrial hub in Strada del Francese in Turin.


The experience and continuous research of innovative solutions give the company the right recognition for the quality and aesthetics of the product: from the 17th of January, O.M.R. is certified ISO 9001:2000.


On the 1st of May, the company acquires MOIA, a manufacturer of high security rim locks, in business since 1958. The production of such products is moved from the plant of Via Orbetello to Strada del Francese, where a new line of high security locks for armoured doors is developed with the brand name "MOIA".


A new line, named "CROSS", is created to offer a wide range of locks and padlocks at affordable prices.


The construction works begin for a new and larger production facility in the new industrial hub of Borgaro Torinese, a town in the northern outskirts of Turin.


The factory is transferred, after 20 years of business in Strada del Francese in Turin, to the new headquarters and production plant in the new industrial zone of Via Tetti dell’Oleo in Borgaro Torinese.


O.M.R. srl successfully carries out the design and construction of locks in multiple fields (office furniture, locker room, showcases and displays, heavy carpentry artifacts, postboxes and post office boxes, etc.). The steady prestige of the company, both in Italy and abroad, is the proper recognition to the special care given to the quality and the aesthetic aspect of the finished product.

Since the 1st of May 2006, with the acquisition of the company MOIA, which was operational on the market since 1958, O.M.R srl has expanded its product range by adding locks to apply on doors and security doors.

L’azienda riesce inoltre a mantenere prezzi concorrenziali grazie ai costanti investimenti in macchine ed attrezzature ad alta tecnologia e rivolge altresì una continua attenzione alle innovazioni ed alle molteplici richieste dettate dal mercato.

The O.M.R. articles, completely produced in the Turin plants, guarantee all the quality of the “Made in Italy” products. The great variety of products allows for many applications in different market branches, from small companies to heavy industry, offering a wide range of solutions which manage to deal with market demand and individual customers’ needs.

There are several application fields:
  • wooden or metal furniture

  • plexiglass showcases and displays

  • gas boxes

  • post boxes and post office boxes

  • street furniture

  • heavy carpentry

The company MOIA, which is present on the market since 1958, is now an O.M.R. brand. Door locks and high-security locks for armoured doors are produced entirely in our plants. The high quality of the products is the result of long years of experience and the continuous research for innovative solution.

There are several application fields:
  • duoble-bitted locks with anti-burlgar system

  • europrofile security cylinders locks

  • rim locks with pump cylinder

  • europrofile security cylinder

  • safes

CROSS, the most recently launched brand from O.M.R., was created to meet the new demands of an expanding market, offering a wide range of good quality locks and padlocks at an affordable price. CROSS was introduced in 2008 and is a O.M.R. trademark.


Business quality system

Our company is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard

Quality certification 2015-2018 DNV GL