Tired of the passersby throwing the garbage in your waste container? We’ve got the solution!

With the arrival of the separate collection of waste many municipalities have been equipped for a “door to door” collection management, providing individual houses with wheeled containers wheeled container at individual houses, condominiums or business activities which, very often, do not have internal spaces to keep the container.

Containers are thus left at the side of the road and too aften used by passersby as a waste basket with consequent sanctions for container holders.

How to protect yourself?

With a gravity lock.

To avoid penalties are erected several enclusores, during the collection days special firms are assigned to move waste containers from inside the courtyards to the outside, waste containers are locked with chains and padlocks. All solutions needing high costs and preventing ecological operators from easily collecting.

You just have to install on the waste container the gravity lock in a few minutes.

This short video shows how it works: http://bit.ly/gravitazionale.

Find out how installation easy is: http://bit.ly/MontaggioGravitazionale.
Questo breve video mostra il funzionamento: http://bit.ly/gravitazionale.

Scopri com’è semplice l’installazione: http://bit.ly/MontaggioGravitazionale.

Download the documentation:

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